Top WhatsApp Tricks and Hacks That You Should Try

WhatsApp Tricks and Hacks That You Should Try

Top WhatsApp Tricks and Hacks That You Should Try 

WhatsApp Tricks and Hacks: WhatsApp is one amongst the applications that has been downloaded and utilized by millions across the world. It created a stand-out in connecting individuals and because of its quality, Facebook was forced to shop for the total company for billions. WhatsApp tricks and tips are one amongst the foremost searched topics across the search engines as individuals desire it to form a lot of compatible and simple to use.

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There are several WhatsApp tricks offered that provide you with choices on the far side the bounds and selection to decide on from. Whatsapp is updating it’s feature these days in no time they’re adding some extra options that build our WhatsApp life easier, and that we might do a lot of with it.

Whatsapp is one among the foremost wide used messaging apps nowadays you’ll be able to send the message to anyone within the world at no cost, And most likely your conjoint exploitation this app cause there’s no surprise this can be the foremost used app in the world. Now today I am going to show you some tricks in WhatsApp.

5 WhatsApp Tricks and Hacks you should try

1. Saving group Images: – 

WhatsApp permits you to transfer many pictures and videos across the only or in group chat. With sharing, you to receive continual messages with media that gets keep within the internal or external memory of your smartphone. With this new feature, one among the known WhatsApp tricks permits you to stop downloading pictures unless you would like it.

  • Go to Options > Settings > Data Usage

Now below Media auto-download, uncheck all the boxes and currently, you would like to manually transfer any image or video of your alternative.

2. Choose your friend list: – 

Within the group chats, there are many folks who are strangers to you and you would like to keep up your privacy with limitations on your profile picture and even your status. With the assistance of WhatsApp tricks and tips, you’ll be below the hood with restricted data.

  • Go to the Settings > Privacy

Now among the privacy option, you’ll select from your Last seen, Profile picture and status. you’ll be able to conjointly prefer to shares this data from everybody.

3. Mute It For: – 

At any time when you feels annoying for receiving continuous messages in an exceeding group chat even once you don’t seem to be online and you can’t exit the group as a result of you have got created it.

It’s in the case that was created by you associated currently you’ve got to suffer however to avoid such things you’ll tap on the group chat and within the information, you get an option to mute the chat for minimum eight hours to one year straight. And to induce obviate it fully you’ll be able to simply exit the group.

4. How to make it Private: – 

If you don’t have many friends on Facebook, however, you simply desires few of them to join you for a forthcoming event or on an evening out. From several WhatsApp tricks and tips, this special one can work as our personal email assistant who can send a fast message to your chosen contacts.

On the top-left hand corner of your WhatsApp Chats window, you’ll notice a Broadcast Lists. inside this feature, you’ll be able to choose contacts and make a brand new list to send your message.

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5. Schedule your message: – 

If you want to wish a birthday wishes to your friends or lover at exact time 12 am before you sleep, you have to download an app that helps you to WhatsApp schedule messages.

You can download this for all the Android devices download Seebye Scheduler Root, and for the iOS Devices look for the message scheduler for the WhatsApp.

So, friends, these are the Top WhatsApp Tricks and Hacks That You Should Try. Hope this article helps you. Have Fun.