Tips to Save Your Mobile Data Usage – Technology Tips

Tips to Save Your Mobile Data Usage

Tips to Save Your Mobile Data Usage – Technology Tips

Tips to Save Your Mobile Data Usage: Mobile data is turning into overpriced day by day no matter 2G or 3G. The only way to reduce to save price is to reduce our data usage. We tend to analyse completely different ways you’ll adopt to save lots of mobile data.

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There are several mobile handsets in the market that come with a built-in feature of ‘data saving mode’ and ‘ultra data saving mode’. But, they’ll not be in alignment with your personal preferences and wish of exploitation data on bound specific applications. they will block your favourite apps from causation you notifications or operate as desired. Thus this tips helps you to save your mobile data usage.

Reduce Mobile Data Usage by Restricting Apps: –

  • Go to the mobile Settings and then App Data Usage.
  • Now you will find the list of applications. 
  • Now tap any specific app and then you will find the app about “Foreground” and “Background” data usage.
  • Now by the data usage of that application and you can see the option “Restrict Background Data“.

Reduce Mobile Data Usage by Setting Mobile Data Limit: – 

This one is the simple matters that anybody with limited data plan needs to do. setting a data limit can save your foremost account stability if you have used the entire data supplied to you in step with your data plan. For placing this data limit you have to visit your

  • Settings -> data usage -> switch on the ‘set mobile data limit’. And, then you may modify the ‘caution’ and ‘restriction’ lines on the graph provided.

Reduce Mobile Data Usage by Data hungry apps: –

When you turn on your mobile data, all the installed apps in your mobile will get start to Sync for the latest updates.

So that you have to enable the restricted background what I said above If you are the Facebook app, you have to disable the “Video autoplay” under the settings. 

Reduce Mobile Data Usage by Auto-update apps: – 

This is most important that you must make sure not enabled for the mobile data. 

  • Go to the Playstore. 
  • Go to the Menu and then Settings.
  • Now tap Auto-Updates apps.
  • You can also select the option “Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only”.
  • Or else tap “Do not auto-update apps”.

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Reduce Mobile Data Usage by Data saving Browsers: – 

Last year Google has announced that Google Chrome data compression feature for Android and iOS Users. By this option, you can save mobile data up to 40-50%. By this option, you can increase your data speed also.

  • To get this go to Google Chrome Settings.
  • Now select “Bandwidth Management”.
  • Now “Reduce Data Usage”.

Opera browsers using this feature from many years, this will compress your images on opera browser up to 80 percent. Now many of the mobile users using UC Browser only. 

Reduce Mobile Data Usage By Whatsapp: – 

  • Go to the WhatsApp Settings.
  • Now you can see “Media-auto-download” and “Call Settings“.
  • Now choosing No Media to auto-download using mobile data is the best option.
  • Now go to the “Call Settings”.
  • Check the box that is “Low data usage” to lower the amount of data consumed while making WhatsApp calls.

So, friends, these are the best Tips to Save Your Mobile Data Usage. Hope this article helps you. Have Fun!