How to Make Your Selfies into Whatsapp Stickers

Make Your Selfies into Whatsapp Stickers
Make Your Selfies into Whatsapp Stickers

As we all know that Whatsapp recently added stickers feature to its messaging app. People can send stickers while chatting. When this feature was introduced, only limited stickers are available. There are a few third-party apps sticker packs on the Google Play Store, which can be downloaded.

Do you know that you can convert your photos and selfies to Whatsapp stickers? If you want to turn your photos to Whatsapp stickers then this post is for you. I am going to tell how to make your selfies into Whatsapp stickers.

Make Your Selfies into Whatsapp Stickers:

  • First Open the Google Play Store and download any background eraser app.
  • Now Open the Camera and click some pictures of you.
  • Now open Background Eraser and select the image.

Background Eraser

  • Now remove the background and crop it so that the picture starts to like a sticker.
  • Make this kind of three or four stickers because work stickers from Whatsapp 3 do not support the sticker pack.
  • Now open Google Play Store and download ‘Personal App for WhatsApp’.
Personal App for WhatsApp
Personal App for WhatsApp
  • Next, Open the app and it will automatically detect all the new stickers.
  • Now tap the add button along with the sticker.
  • Once prompted, hit the Add button again.
  • Now go back to Whatsapp and open any chat window and tap on ‘Emoji’ icon.
  • Now Go to the ‘Stickers’ and tap on the sticker to send it.

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