How to Change and Personalise Whatsapp Chat Background

How to Change Whatsapp Chat Background

WhatsApp is currently getting ready to rollout the Dark Mode highlight for iOS and Android users. Current Whatsapp background is white after this it will be changed over to dark. This will cause less strain on the eyes of the utilization. By updating this new mode Smartphone battery life will also increase. By this feature, it will be new look and good feel for you.

However do you know that you can change the WhatsApp chat background via your phone gallery. Most of the people know about this. So if u don’t know about this feature I am here to explain you how to change Whatsapp chat background.

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How to Change Whatsapp Chat Background:

  • First open the WhatsApp app in your phone.
  • After that go to Settings and go to Chat.
  • Now scroll down and click on the wallpaper.
  • From here you can pick any backdrop. Here you will find options like no wallpaper, Solid color, Wallpaper Library etc.
How to Change Whatsapp Chat Background
How to Change Whatsapp Chat Background
  • For preloaded backdrops, you need to tap Solid color.
  • You can choose Gallery to include a backdrop of your decision. Now select a photo and place your photo on the Whatsapp Chat Background.

Now let me Tell you they are many features are going to be added to WhatsApp.

Multishare Feature: 

After this new features of WhatsApp are rolled out, you will be able to see a preview of any message, photo or video that you are sending to two or more people. By this feature, you can check any message before sharing. Right now, you can share any message to five people at a time. But before sharing you don’t have the option to see it.

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Continuous Voice Message Playback:

WhatsApp will naturally play all your voice messages if the voice message is sent in an arrangement. The Users have to tap the play button once. After one voice message played remaining will play automatically.

Group call shortcut:

WhatsApp is going to add alternate ways to Group call soon. When this feature added, you will get a shortcut in the group chat window to make a group call. You can select the members you want for Group call or Group video call.