How to Enable Right-Clicking on Websites that Block It

How to Enable Right Click

How to Enable Right-Clicking on Websites that Block-It

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Generally, many people want content for their website, so they search for perfect content from other websites. In Some websites, we can copy content and we will re-write it in our website. But, in some websites owners of that website will “disable” the right click so that we are unable to copy paste it.

So now here we are here going to show 2 simple methods used by ‘geeks’ to bypass this problem.

Method1: – Javascript 

This method is very interesting, open the website which is a disabled right click. Just type or the below code into your address bar and enter(refreshing page is not required). It will enable immediately.


Enable Right Click
Enable Right Click

Method2: – Extension

Nowadays everyone using a number of browser extensions. First take Google Chrome, in chrome, there is an extension RightToCopy. By installing this extension you can copy the content in that website.

In Firefox they don’t have an extension but one could always use one method that is script blocking extension such as NoScript which is a difficult method to block all the script that is running on any web pages unless you enable them.