Best VLC Media Player Keyboard Shortcuts

VLC Media Player Keyboard Shortcuts

Best VLC Media Player Keyboard Shortcuts

Be it a Keyboard Shortcuts or the software system itself, having the most keyboard shortcuts memorized and victimization them on a daily basis will prevent a lot of your time within the long-standing time. whereas some may just like the mouse additional and feel that they may be additional productive therewith, keyboard are a few things that you tend to use much more than the mouse and therefore knowing the way to use it quicker and higher doesn’t damage.

Keyboard shortcuts create our lives abundant productive and pretty easy moreover. The task becomes easier and might be performed quicker with the assistance of shortcut keys. and also the VLC media player is among the varied apps that pack some terribly cool and fascinating shortcuts.

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The applying positively|is certainly|is unquestionable} the go-to destination once it involves looking at videos for several individuals and if ar|you’re} conjointly one amongst them then the subsequent VLC shortcuts are definitely progressing to assist you to create your task straightforward and simple.

So just simply follow these steps.

Best VLC Media Player Keyboard Shortcuts:

  • Enter into full-screen mode and watch any video in the VLC player by just simply using the shortcut key F11.
  • Space Bar to Play or Pause.
  • F to toggle Full Screen.
  • A to Change Aspect ratio.
  • Z to Change Zoom Mode.
  • Alt+Left/Alt+Right to Fast Forward slow.
  • Ctrl+Left/Ctrl+Right to Fast forward Medium.
  • Ctrl+Alt+Left/Ctrl+Alt+Right to fast forward long.
  • Ctrl+Up/Ctrl+Down to Increase or Decrease Volume.
  • M to  Mute.
  • CTRL + E to Adjust Audio/Video Effects.
  • T to Show Time(Remaining and Elapsed).
  • +/- to  Play Faster/Slower.
  • N/P = Play next in list/Play previous in the list.
  • S to Stop the playback.
  • Ctrl+ H to Hide/Unhide Controls.

So, viewers, these are the best Keyboard Shortcuts that mostly in VLC media player. You can use this shortcuts while playing both audio and video.